Foreign Versions has unrivalled experience in producing high calibre language services to the media. Broadcast and corporate clients are provided with mother tongue translators and mother tongue voice-over artists from a wide range of experienced professionals.

We can offer advice, and help you create foreign versions of television commercials, radio advertisements,  promotional work for TV channels, product launches, employee training, cinema commercials, corporate promotions, audio guides, safety instruction videos and E-learning projects.


We represent professionally accredited translators who will translate from English into their mother tongue and also from foreign languages into English. The translators take pride in keeping up to date with their ever evolving languages. Some of the areas of expertise are –

Training manuals, promotional flyers and print media.

Scripts for corporate programmes, audio guides, documentary narration, in-house training, E-learning and commercials for broadcast.

Technical projects in automotive engineering and medical programmes but also scripts that require imagination and impact for promos and commercials.

Voice over

As Foreign Versions only recruits mother tongue speakers as voice-over artists, who are experienced actors and broadcasters, this guarantees excellent results. All the voice-over artists are keen to help “get the message across” while remaining sympathetic to the culture and traditions of their country and language.


Mainly undertaken in foreign languages to identify the content.  A time coded transcription is produced and then translated into English to link the visuals to the text.

Editing  Assistance

Foreign Versions provide language experts to assist in advice for editing projects so that the final programme is accurate and perfectly tailored to the audience.

Session Supervision

We can arrange for language professionals to sit in on recording sessions to check that the script is being delivered correctly and accurately. The voice–over artists can listen back as part of their services but some clients prefer “another pair of ears”.


These can be translated into any language when Foreign Versions is provided with a spotted script in English and the visual material.